Fight at Akon Concert in Melbourne – Akon Jumps Into Crowd!

Some people reported that some persons were being smashed over the head with glass bottles.

A group of up to 50 people rushed the entrance at about 9pm in a bid to gain entry to the concert. Akon risked his own safety as he jumped in the crowd. The promoter of Akon, Dwayne Cross said: “One of the things people should take note of is an artist didn’t have too much concern for his own safety to go down and try and make things better.”

Ambulance Victoria spokesman Paul Bentley said: “They were all men aged between 22 and 54. They were all suffering cuts and bruising, some of them had to be given some pain relief. They were all taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a stable condition.” One man has been arrested in connection with the violence, it was reported.

One man said he had wanted to leave the stadium but was stopped by security staff.

“It was in lockdown,” he told Fairfax Radio. A couple of fights had broken out and younger kids – drinking, over age but 18-19 and can’t handle it – they’ve got into a few scuffles.”

Shadow attorney-general Robert Clark said the incident was another example of violence spiralling out of control in Melbourne.

“People can’t even go to a concert without violence breaking out,” he told reporters.

“It’s now getting to the stage where overseas visitors are remarking on the fact that Melbourne’s not safe.”

Akon is going to play tonight in Sydney (Oct. 27).

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